Vilify salvation, because COVID-19 told me to

Long time no care, my nonexistent audience, as everyone else, I plan to milk this whole corona situation and get my demented excrement trending, because that’s how it’s done!

As it’s typical with any crisis, it tends to put pressure on people, thus, revealing some more base and “uncharacteristic” behavior in us all – yeah, we use big words up in this itch – .

That’s usually not a problem, we all love some caveman vibes in certain aspects of our lives – the bedroom, at work, … waiting in line behind the undecided family of 12 –, but when it comes to our leaders, I don’t know, I feel like they should have a better or as they would put it, a more “superior” perspective on the situation. I mean all that pedigree and private education must be good for something right? It can’t all be just overpriced dinner parties, special access and connections. Right?

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So imagine my surprise when I started witnessing a very subtle, but very aggravating narrative from our officials.

When medical resources got exhausted, in a blink of an eye I might add, some nurses and some doctors decided to quit their jobs.

Now, the official response has been polite, but laced with insinuation.

“We need you now more than ever! You are our front line in this desperate battle! Please don’t leave, don’t let the bad virus win!”

Some really good platitudes, but they also painted a nice picture of the medical staff, running like cowards, or turning a deaf ear to the suffering of the people.

And that, put a bee in my goth bonnet!

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Here’s the actual situation from my basic human view that tends to look up some information before polluting the airwaves with my spam.

When the people who decided to help other people for a living can’t do their job, because nobody gave a target bag full of shit about them when it came to allocating funds and budget time, don’t come finger wagging at them to suck it up and do their job.

They want to, that’s why the went to medical and nurse school while you went to Lobby R’US.

But you see, a funny thing happens when you don’t have the proper equipment, THEY CAN’T DO PISS ON TOAST for their patients because if they get near them, they might as well join them on the bed next to them as a patient!

I would ask only one thing, nay, I demand this of you, I impose it and might even look you up and shove it up bellybutton – innie or outie nobody is safe –: people who made the decision to help others for a living, don’t up and bitch out because it’s to much. To much it’s the default here.

They only step back when they can’t do anything to help without doing damage to other people. And here’s the thing that we all forget, they are human too, they have friends and familly, and they might want to keep them safe and alive through this.

So if you want them to do their jobs, like they want to do their jobs, make sure they have the tools they need to do it.

Because if we don’t take care of our caregivers there will be no one left to take care for the rest of us.

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  1. This is one side of the pandemic which we don’t see on the headlines. I’m sure that there are many out there running on passion alone. Most countries don’t really give the frontline workers an extra wage and they get fed up and leave.

    Nicely put.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my drivel 🙂

      For me it wasn’t even the underpaid aspect of the medical staff, but turning them into scapegoats the moment the moment the situationwent tits up.

      I can’t, in good conscience, call out someone for wanting to stay healthy in order to save others.
      I just hope this kind of attitude is not a new social-political pandemic people have to worry about, I just hope other countries aren’t dealing with this level of harmful and virulent toxicity, along with the COVID-19 crisis.


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