This IS, the end of the world. And?

By now, I think everybody is getting cabin fever, and even the Dalai Lama is starting to consider playing golf with someone’s head.

There’s no denying that the latest bio-weapon trial, I mean: the completely unforeseen and natural outbreak – that the US Navy knew about since 2017, link at the bottom – , has had an impact and life as we all knew it ended.

Honestly, it’s taking way to long to get to that Mad Max setting where I’d be lunch for the first roving band of girl scouts.

But maybe people will figure out that a money based economy is anachronistic and it was causing a social rift between people and a cultural stagnation– there we go with them big boi words again – and move towards a resource based economy.

We could be living here, but you’re still clinging to capitalism :^)
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Could happen.

Events, got cancelled, girls night out got canceled, boys night out trying to get in the girls night out…got canceled. And you have your local authorithy figures, begging, pleading, threatening them with flame throwers – Italy actually did this – and screaming at people to follow some strict, but fairly simple rules so that the majority of the population can survive.

So I found myself asking a very simple question: why?

I mean, everybody is facing the same situation, and while yes, not everybody has the same living standard – that’s an issues to go out for in the streets and riot because, WTF?!some asshole is on a private island and most people can’t afford food to just stay indoors?! – the answer is universal. Don’t. Fucking. Go. Outside. If you don’t have a really good reason!

That’s why, when I do hear some news of people rioting because they want to go shopping, or clubbing or my favorite: religious gatherings; I say: let them do it.

Sure, I’d install an ID scanner at the entrance with some armed guards and get that database compiled and sent to hospitals, and everybody who attended and gets sick does NOT get to go to the hospital, but hey, fair is fair. And we all need to accept that there are consequences to our actions.

At one point we do need to look a the natural selection angle too. Personally I think that Darwinism is a used most of the time as a convenient rationalization of doing some abusive shit to other people, but in this case it may work.

This corona doom could be just the thing we need to thin the heard a bit, and step back from that Idiocracy nightmare we were living in.

If people want to kill themselves via COVID-19, I say let them!

Give them a special card or something that they sign and agree to renounce any medical treatment they might and most likely need in case of a corona infection, and let them run wild.

Sure, they wouldn’t be allowed back in their homes, and they’d have to stay at a select location with all the other “free spirits” but that’s the price of freedom and we all know, freedom isn’t free.

Or rather, the price of misunderstanding liberty, for the right to: freely do whatever the fuck you want, while ignoring other’s people right to not get infected with a deadly virus, just because you’re an egocentric narcissist and don’t care about the people around you.

But Pickle, you lovely, yet tyrannical veggie, you. Doesn’t that sound a bit militant and judgemental? You sound like you want to treat the less enlightened in our society as second class citizens.

Of course I’m not, they are doing that themselves. I’m merely pointing out that two groups of people have emerged in the face of the current crisis.

There are the people who listen to the medical experts and make sacrifices to not expose themselves and others to a very deadly virus, and then there are those who do anything and everything to go outside and mingle because now that it’s not allowed, their inner James Dean took over and started acting out.

That being said, there is of course, that tiny-huge, immediate problem that some political leaders can’t seem to get right. Ahem: GIVE PEOPLE A UBI=universal basic income, SO THEY DON”T HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE… YOU STUPID FUCKS!

This is a reason, to protest and and riot.

Suspend bill, and rent payments for people.

Another reason to get worked up and all 70’s Travolta.

Basically just do what Denmark did. Just copy paste their moves, nobody will mind.

To European? Fine, do what Canada did, still better than what is currently happening here.

Do this and people might just stay home. And if they don’t, well, at least you now have a good reason to tell them to chew on a couple of bullets and call their mortician in the morning.

The world IS ending, and it’s in the same spirit when it wasn’t getting a 360 fuck nuke: needlessly stupid, or stupidly needless…just like this rant 😉

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  1. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:
    “If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place.” (Reported by Bukhari and Muslim.)

    I recommend you to watch Mufti Menk’s video on COVID-19 since it will clear a lot of misunderstandings that people have on Islamic religious gatherings during a plague (or in this case, a pandemic).

    1. I won’t check it out because I don’t religion to tell good and bad apart, but thanks for the reply.

      In this time all we really need to do, is think about how would we feel if a were alone in a room, and some person comes in, coughs. and then we die.
      Think about how that makes you feel. If you find it that you would rather melt said person in acid for killing you, than lo and behold you arrived at the right conclusion!

      The thing is, in the current scenario we can all be that potential acid melted douche and spread it to somebody else.

      So if possible, stay at home, because you care about other people that are not you, or just because you don’t want to be melted by acid, whichever works. Even wise words from imaginary figures work as long as they get you to stay home 🙂


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