There’s nothing left to love

Photo by Christopher Beloch on Unsplash

I can’t find it anymore. I can’t remember anything or anyone that made me think, even to myself, that I love it, of him or her.

You may be thinking that, I’m jaded or a cynic, but I present the question to you: When was the last time you loved?

What does it fee like? Did you follow the dictionary definition?

Or perhaps you got aroused by someone and mistook that for love?

I guess what I want to figure out in this post, is where are the things and people that I should love?

Are they in an app? Blog, podcast, stream? A support group?

Are they even alive?

Did the definition change to much, or have these really important things, gone missing and what can I…we…I can do, to get them back.

There is no more us in this world. This planet is populate by I’s and I’s alone.

And to be fair how else could it be? Mainstream-anything, has been turned into a pair of sharp scissors ready to cut out anybody who isn’t like everybody else.

Tribalism has pervaded every aspect of our lives, from what you think to the phone you use.

The only thing that still forces us to talk to each other is enforced politeness and interest.

If tomorrow everyone were to become self sufficient and nobody would need anybody to survive, you’d most likely see a 90% decrease in your circle of friends. And you know it’s true.

So, what is love? Is it like, Liking+?

I don’t know anymore, I think I used to once, but it’s been so long since I had a sample that now, it can be any positive sensation and experience.

Eating sugar? Feels nice, love it. Using one another to reach our goals, clearly love!

And the ultimate current incarnation: compromise!

They compromised so they clearly love each other. The final nail in the coffin.

Who/what is worthy of love? Drugs? Celebrities? Pets? Everything intangible that holds only one promise: I can’t return what you give.

The only thing I’ll most likely hear back as a response are going to be baseless platitudes like: family and friends are the standard of love, like any obligatory thing is worth anything.

To be able to love something you must have a connection with it, and understand it to a very high degree, even while they change. Even as you change.

Connection only comes with time. Who has time?

Aren’t you busy? Isn’t your project due? Aren’t you tired and feel like you really should do something for yourself to justify all the self abuse you subjected yourself to?

Yeah, you do, it’s only fair and normal. Everyone else is doing it!

Love today is just finding a place where like minded people can commiserate.

Find your commiserating partner today! And never feel lonely again, because proximity to another biological creature is what it means to be close to another person, right?

In this world, in this time, there’s nothing left to love.

And it sux! And I miss it! And I want it back!

I wish one wold find it, I don’t even want to be the one that finds it, but I think I’d be ok with someone actually finding the ability to love, and something that can be loved, or someone.

That would be my wish. That would be my every wish, any time, on every wishing occasion! Every falling star, every birthday – the few I have left –.

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  1. My opinion about love:

    To find love, you need not seek any further than the pages of the Holy Bible. One of the things the word of God teaches us is that love comes from sacrifice. To put someone else’s needs before your own is one of the purest forms of love you can experience. This is why love is such a difficult thing to find in the world today, no one seems to want to sacrifice anything of themselves for another anymore.

    My wife and I love each other because we sacrifice for one another. We watch over and protect each other; we put the other’s needs before ours own. By sacrificing for each other, we give each other all that we need and, hence, love one another.

    John 15:13 ” Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment 🙂

      As for the divine love, it’s something different. It’s basically a confusion people make and mistake understanding/knowing with love.
      There is that concept that unconditional love is not love at all.

      For now however, I’m happy at least you found something that you feel it’s worthy of calling love.
      If it’s true or not, well you’ll find out in time.


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